Does your holiday list include someone who likes to tinker? A woodworker, perhaps? Or maybe someone who loves fiber arts or metalwork? Here’s a chance to buy them (or yourself!) an annual Makerspace Hobbyist Membership for only $200 — that’s 50% off the normal price of $400.

Even at full price, this membership is a great deal for non-business uses of The Community Makerspace, offering unlimited access to the space and tools during normal operating hours. We provide tools that most home hobbyists can’t afford — or fit into their homes. And we also offer a supportive environment where you can find training, advice, and even co-conspirators should the need arise.

In addition to the discount, subscribers also will receive one free class at either the Makerspace or Hocking Makers Network, which helped make this deal possible. Act now. This offer is good only through Dec. 31, 2020.

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Would you like to help someone who can’t afford a Makerspace membership? Through this limited-time offer, you can donate an annual membership to someone in need for only $200. Just click below and we’ll make sure your donated membership goes to someone who truly needs it.

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